This wine is super smooth! - a great addition any party or social gathering. A true party pleaser. The Syrah adds rich, jammy dark fruits like plum, blackberry & blueberry, while the Grenache & Cabernet Franc bring lighter red fruits with some more savory notes (strawberry, cherry, green pepper, black pepper). Throw this in a barrel for a year to smooth out all the loose ends and you get a rich & highly drinkable wine thats not too tannic/bitter and will please almost any palate. Also, seeing a Cabernet Franc in Spain is sort of unique and you also don't get much wines on offer from Valencia in the US. It's kind of fun to bring something different to the table. Enjoy!

2014 Bodegas El Angosto Colata

  • Varietal Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet Franc
    Country Spain
    Region Valencia
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