2017 Domaine de La Bastide 'Visan'

The Lowdown

This wine is super drinkable. Fresh dark berry fruits dominate up front are balanced out with some light acidity, creating a medium to full-body texture. Not too rich, not too dry. Very expressive, which a long finish. All the wines are made in concrete and stainless steel to preserve freshness and purity of fruit, and all grapes are destemmed in order to keep the tannins soft and easy. All things we love. This wine is a blend of 50% Grenache (for richness and structure), 30% Syrah (for fruit & flavor), 20% Carignan (for balance) grown on soil dense with large, with round stones, which allow for decent drainage. The average vine age of 42 years, which add a richness to the wines as their roots are able to reach so deeply into the soil.


Why We Love It

Just really good people with a strong commitment to their family and the land around them. It’s really as simple as that. The roots of the Boyer family are deeply rooted in the Visan, having farmed the area for over 3 generations. Bernard Boyer made his dream come true by acquiring the estate in 1988, after a career in agricultural engineering. His son has been tending the grapes with his wife and family for over a decade, after Bernard’s death in 2008, to continue his life’s work. If you visit, Vincent may sit down at the piano to play and sing an old French pop tune for you, maybe with his youngest perched on his lap. The family uses wine-making methods that are a combination of modern precision and old-school rusticity. Non-certified organic, a lot of manual harvesting, it’s just how things should be.

2017 Domaine de La Bastide 'Visan'

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  • Varietal 40% Grenache, 40% Syrah, 20% Carignan
    Country France
    Region Rhône
    Sub-Region Côte du Rhône


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