2017 Painted Wolf The Den Chenin Blanc

This 100% Chenin Blanc has a fruity aroma and flavors of tropical fruit -- sweet melon, pear, peaches and pineapple with an underlying savory minerality. The wine has a great texture and a long, layered finish with bright acidity keeping it fresh and vibrant.


The Lowdown:
This wine is pure fun. A new world (aka not France) Chenin Blanc that is just so balanced, combining all the bigger flavors (apple and peach) that you would find in a Chardonnay with the fresh citrusy notes of a Sauvignon Blanc. The makers at Painted Wolf specifically made this to be drunk casually among friends – a super versatile crowd pleasing wine. Consider this your go-to party favor. Even the name ‘The Den’ is a nod to community and social gathering – in their words “the heart of all African dog communities.”

Why We Love it:
We love producers that give a damn about the things they do as well as things they don’t. The Borg family have huge hearts and are deeply committed to the conservation of wildlife, particularly the African Wild dog. With the purchase of any bottle comes a donation to the Endangered Wildlife Trust or Tusk.org. So why not give a dog a bone and vote with your wallet.



2017 Painted Wolf The Den Chenin Blanc

  • Varietal Chenin Blanc
    Country South Africa
    Region Coastal
    Sub-Region -
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